About Us

This whole crazy thing started with our own wee baby and a passion for unique, compelling art.

Together our backgrounds make a colorful mosaic of experiences — we’ve had our hands in everything from architecture to design to overseas missions to documentary photography and book-writing.

Together, we dreamed of collaborating our gifts to express our artistic hearts in a practical way. But we certainly had no idea where to start. Until our greatest inspiration came in the tiniest package…

Our son, Carsen Warner, was born in Cape Town, South Africa on our one-year anniversary. Shortly thereafter, in that same tiny one-bedroom apartment, the idea to create a kids clothing and lifestyle line was born. Although we were cramped in a tiny space, our dreams were big and full of light. And although those first months were tough, we knew that this project was going to be all about the newest little member of our family.

Fourteen months and a move back to the US later, Wazziwoo was launched in July 2014. With just four designs and 200 total shirts, we want to teach Carsen and other kids to dream big and to be brave enough to do it. We love the idea of paving the way to show Carsen that our love for him inspired this dream, and our desire to provide for him inspired the action.

So here we are — sink or swim.

Where did our name come from? Well, we wanted our name to be whimsical and memorable. After many late-nights and much scribbling, scratching-out and crossing-off, we knew we were Wazziwoo. We like to think it encompasses the spirit of our line — unique, bright, and full of spunk.

We just hope your spirited, brave little ones have as much fun wearing our shirts as we had creating them.

Kevin + Lindsay + Carsen